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“I am truly amazed at the detail and completeness of this work. Being a physician, trained as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, I can tell you we have nothing comparable to this in depth study of the human being.
Anatomy and physiology are taught in school, but the synthesis of these with psychology and sociology make the understanding of a human much more meaningful and complete. This understanding would be advantageous to any physician dealing with direct patient care—male or female.
Eric’s biblical basis for this involved study of the human being is exceptional and without question a gift from God. His down-to-earth examples are understandable and relate to all individuals easily. This book should be mandatory reading for physicians, counselors, and all men and women contemplating marriage.”
– TERRY TRESSLER, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G., Perinatologist

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  1. Delphine Cook says:

    I picked up this book to read on Monday evening about 7:00 pm, I finshed it at 2:30am on Tuesday morning.
    An absolute masterpiece. Thoroughly enlightening and informative. An absolute lesson for all human beings. Fresh and detailed, a very high “step up” from the usual books on this subject. Actually, this is an original.
    Good job Eric. You covered it. I have read the book, now I’ll go back and study it!

  2. Jennifer says:

    God richly bless you for writing such a straight forward book! It has been a complete God-sent life-line to me!
    Praise God for a strong, Godly man who loves his wife and wants to see other marriages saved because that is exactly how this book ended up in my hands!
    For many years I felt alone in my personal struggle in my marriage. I always felt stuck somewhere between a woman and a man. As I read through this book I found myself revealed on page after page. I spent so many years suppressing the damaging thoughts of the experiences of the past; being rejected at age 7 because of my father’s inability to deal with the death of my sister, being conditioned not to cry and suppressing the feelings of pain, parenting my mother and father through their emotional instabilities and drug addiction, learning from my mother that sex is just a man’s primal need which women are obligated to fulfill, etc. All of these things had been bound in my subconscious causing me to fear and attempt to be superior to the men in my life, especially my husband! This has robbed from both of us the most beautiful expression of love God has given to a husband and wife.
    This book made me cry, laugh, and I learned things that I never knew. What a perfect resource to be read time and time again!
    This is a book that EVERY woman should read!
    Again, thank you and God bless you for this powerful resource! May God continue to use you and your wife to save marriages around the world!
    In Christ’s Love,

  3. Amy Dinnison says:

    Hey Eric- David and I are loving the book, moving slowly in the reading, cause we have to stop and meditate on every paragraph, sometimes every sentence! Honestly for us , it’s like fresh manna for our marriage and we are feasting on it! We wanted to suggest an audio book version be released. We would love to listen to this while travelling and know it would bless many more in this format…………………faith comes by hearing and our faith is growing as we are being expanded through God’s amazing work, “The Science of a Woman, The Art of Manhood.” So so blessed by this and so so thankful for your heart to hear and obey and love the One who created us!!!! We appreciate you!!!!!! David and Amy Dinnison

  4. richard wallace says:

    Your book is nothing less then the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living. Thanks again for sharing what God has shown you. Rick Wallace

  5. Joy Hickethier says:

    What a joy to hear God’s Masterful voice streaming through this book. I felt like His smile says it all. “FINALLY!  A major truth of mine that has been missing &/or distorted, and is now birthed through another of favorite kids:) – my servant/son Eric”!  And we as potentially real Men & Women get to be a kind of born again…in the realm of intimacy. 

    I can’t wait to experience the perfect fullness of the fruit on this tree. But I relish the journey, as many of us read and re-read these truths and move in that direction. 

    Truth & grace for each key you are given, now and later. 

    I keep your book handy (almost as a manual) and love picking it up as I did again this morning for random truth light-ups that I missed in my earlier reading. 

    Thank you for pushing through to create this timeless message  Masterful! Blessings always!

  6. Reg Kotzur says:

    I live in Australia and wish to purchase the actual book. How can I go about it? Reg

    • readtruth says:


      You can buy the book right on the website. Just click on the link “Purchase Eric Smith Products” and it takes you to the Life Store where you can make your purchase. Thank you and happy reading!


  7. L. Templeton says:

    Thank You Mr. Eric T. Smith, thank you so very much for seeking the Lord, then being prayerful to act upon what the Lord had given you to write this most powerful, awesomely, wonderful book.
    I have been blessed by what I have read thus far. Mr. Smith, as I have read different areas of the book, I also have told other women about this; I am not keeping all this goodness to myself. Mr. Smith, years earlier I read two different books dealing with the subject of man & woman, which you are a mixture of both plus more in your writings. Thank you again, L.T.

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